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The diary of a Giraffe Hunter

Inconsistent updates from the front

12 February
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Pitry in possession of a cookie is in need of a second cookie.

My most-read fic ever is a PG-rated gen fic about OCs in letter form. Take that, statistics and Things We Know About Fandom! (I'm mentioning it here because it amuses me. See: Things We Know About Fandom, etc).

(This journal: Here you will find my various musings about life, giraffes, work, giraffes, politics, giraffes, linguistics, giraffes, and whatever random thing that annoys me at the moment and requires ranting. And giraffes. As you can understand from the above comments, it will all be rather... odd. It all rather looks like this profile, really. Some of it is flocked, some isn't, based mainly on my mood. I ramble about writing amongst all the giraffes, but my actual fics aren't posted here. My friending-policy: Don't have one. Go for it.)

Oh, yeah, and speaking of giraffes...

William Shakespeare

It is the giraffe,
The giraffe above us, govern our conditions.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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