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The diary of a Giraffe Hunter
Inconsistent updates from the front
Catching fire. 
5th-Dec-2013 10:55 pm
So, turns out you don't need to read the books or watch the first movie in order to understand the second. I wonder how does that work to people who actually did bother with the above? Does it feel like an unnecessary introduction? Hmmm.
Anyway, good parts = Jennifer Lawrence is ♥. Also Woody Harrleson. And Lenny Kravitz and Elizabeth Banks although there isn't enough of them in the movie. Actually, there isn't enough Woody, either. Instead we have two guys with the charisma of a dead shoe. Dear lesser Hemsworth - even your brother has more charisma than you do, and I thought he had no charisma at all. As for Josh Hutcherson, don't get me started.

Movie-wise... omg. Why is no one trying to make YA movies actually movies? It's something that plagues most of HP as well, although I did feel 5 and 7 (as in DH part one, definitely not part 2) managed to transcend that, especially DH1. But seriously. The scenes are disconnected. Everything that isn't about the hero is shut out - and it's frustrating in a movie like Hunger Games, because the world actually has a crucial role in both the plot and the message. Well... show the world, then, don't just paint some broad strokes and be done with it! Grrr. Make us care about the world. Stop hinting then cutting away to some uninteresting nonsense. That's the thing. At 2.5 hours, it both felt too long and too short, because they decided to focus on all the wrong things (Josh Hutcherson. Honestly. Josh Hutcherson). It's time YA adaptations stopped being afraid of being movies and departing from the source material, in favour of actually being movies.

Don't get me wrong, it was actually quite quite entertaining, just frustrating because you can see there's stuff beneath the surface that they don't dare touch because, apparently, someone has decided that it's not that kind of a movie. Exactly the same problem as Goblet of Fire and DH2. Sometimes you need to care less about your hero and more about their surroundings.

Also, when that hero is Jennifer Lawrence, I'm okay. ♥ Although, really, if charimas-less Peeta would have let Woody take his place, I would have been so much happier.
6th-Dec-2013 11:40 pm (UTC)
Just got home from the cinema.
I really enjoyed it. Despite Josh Hutcherson. Ugh. How I wish they'd cast someone, ANYONE, else for Peeta. Then again, Peeta was just like that in the books, so maybe they did cast just the right person...
What really annoyed me is Katniss' German voice. It's okay... really nice actually... except for when Katniss screams. That's where it gets insufferable.

Yeah I also have the ultimate girlcrush on Johanna Mason. She is the coolest character in the entire movie.

6th-Dec-2013 11:41 pm (UTC) - Oh, and...
Dan and I were really sociable for the first time in years. Like... 6 years or something.
We went to the cinema with Sandra and her husband!
7th-Dec-2013 06:28 am (UTC) - Re: Oh, and...
I'm so proud of you! :)

Although... German dub? BAH. Do they not show an undubbed version at all? I would seriously be put off going to the cinema if the only option was dubbing :|
7th-Dec-2013 09:47 am (UTC) - Re: Oh, and...
Well over here we don't know it any other way.
We grow up with dubbed movies.

Some cinemas show one (!!!) un-dubbed movie a week. And when I say one movie a week, I mean one movie ONCE a week. Mondays at 8pm. So Dan and I went to the cinema one Monday a couple of years ago, only to be told sorry, couldn't get hold of the movie. Oops.
We never tried again.

So mostly we don't bother with going to the cinema at all. Thank fuck for dvds.
7th-Dec-2013 10:13 pm (UTC) - Re: Oh, and...
"Couldn't get hold of the movie"? WTF? Don't they, like, make sure they have a copy before scheduling it?!

It's really so funny how these things become a thing. In Israel dubbing is considered for kids. If you're more than 10 years old, you make a point to see the non-dubbed version, even for kids' movies.
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