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Hello, dear Yuletide author!

First of all, hurrah! I'm getting fic! Thank you, oh dear Mysterious Author. First for being willing to write in one of my fandoms, which is always a joy, and then for taking the daunting task of writing for a complete stranger. So, once again - hurrah!

Let's get the general things first: Optional details are definitely, completely, and utterly - optional. I'm a pretty easy person to please, honest, so as long as you don't put one of my squicks in, I feel pretty confident in saying I'll be happy. If you feel like doing a little bit of stalking just in case, my fics on AO3 are a pretty good representation of my taste, including my bookmarks there (if you're into Who in particular, I have a very long list of favourites on Teaspoon which could also give you a good idea of my tastes).

General likes:
-Gen, femslash, slash and het are all welcome. A gen story which acknowledges that people have relationships in life is more than welcome - my personal philosophy about gen is that it means the focus isn't on relationships, not that there are none, and that's usually the direction I go in my own fics.
-Character interaction and friendship. I chose these fandoms and these characters because it's their interactions that fascinate me most and in the case of the television shows, made me come back for more.
-You'll have noticed (or not) that I've picked 4 characters for each of my fandoms. While I will be completely and utterly ecstatic if you manage to pull them all into it - you really don't have to. I love them all, but if you're more comfortable with writing a subset of the characters, or if you feel the story calls for it, go for it. Shoehorning characters just to fill in the character quota isn't the best of ideas in my opinion, and I think that struggling with a fic will make you enjoy writing it less, and I don't want that :(
-I'm okay with darker fics, lighter fics, bittersweet fics are awesome, even a bit of fluff every once in a while. Not so hot on h/c though. Not sure why. I love humour, I love drama, honestly, go for it. Open endings are ♥, it doesn't have to be all wrapped nicely if the story doesn't call for it.
-I'm generally a multishipper, so unless I explicitly rule a pairing out, feel free to write it. I do have automatic fondness for canon pairings, but I'm ready to be sold on your OTP :)

General dislikes: If you go the shippy direction, generally I'd rather the fic would go fade-to-black and not be explicit. If you do include explicit sex, I'm okay with the milder kinks like blindfolds, but please nothing more hardcore than that. At any rate, I should warn you about my squicks: please no non-con/dub-con, incest, underage, BDSM, and no power imbalance in the relationship - I really like when the partners in a relationship are equal.

And now that I've bored you to death theoretically, I'll continue to do so about every fandom in particular!

21 Jump Stree - Doug Penhall, Harry Ioki, Judy Hoffs, Tom Hanson

Ah, The Original Team. I love all of them, I love their friendship, I love their various bickerings and how they get on each others' nerves and just how fiercely loyal and caring for each other they are. I definitely ship them in various combinations. This definitely does not have to be a case!fic - the idea of coming up with case!fic and writing it within the Yuletide time frame would leave me petrified. But I won't say no to case!fic, as long as the emphasis is on the characters.

Some possible prompts: Judy and Harry after THAT bit in season 4 where the writers made them miss the other's character-important moments :( I love their friendship and I'm forever frustrated at that poor decision and I'd love some sort of tag/ missing scene/ their first time working together again when they're both back.
Harry and Doug when Doug was living with Harry! We've seen just a bit of how they drove each other nuts, and it's ever so amusing.
Doug and Tom. Generally Doug and Tom, because, well, ♥
I actually ship Judy/Doug a bit, so if you feel like writing something in that vain, maybe related to Besieged, go for it!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Danny Tripp, Jack Rudolph, Jordan McDeere, Matt Albie

I'm actually of the small minority who liked Studio 60 more than 30 Rock. Okay, so Sorkin's characters are overly eloquent and he was using it as his personal mouthpiece to air all the things that annoyed him in Hollywood... but it was still extremely entertaining, mainly because of the characters. I love their growth during the season, and I love the way they learn to appreciate each other and work with one another.

I'd love anything Jordan - Jordan's worst date with Danny (and the attempts to correct it afterwards, by either of them), Jordan getting one over Jack, Jordan coming back to work post-show... You may have noticed, I love Jordan. I'd also love Matt and Danny friendship, Matt and Danny and Jack - I know they sort of cleared the bad blood between them during the show, but there's still so much potential for entertaining bickering left. Crisis on the show! Everyone going on strike! Matt finds himself forced to go on stage and perform! Okay, that last one will just be disturbing, but hilariously so.

Terminator: Salvation - Blair Williams, John Connor, Kate Brewster, Kyle Reese

I admit I was somewhat disappointed with the film, because they didn't really focus on the thing that interests me the most in this situation - John who's known since birth he will be the leader who would save humanity, but how does a real person deal with that? I have a thing for failed messiahs - I admit I'd be really happy with something post-canon that shows just how pants he is in being the leader of the resistance, and various ramifications of that on him and his relationships with everyone else.

That said, the fic doesn't have to concentrate on John - this is a group of such interesting characters, and exploring their relationships in light of the resistance would be awesome - Kyle Reese learning to be the resistance fighter we've seen in the first Terminator movie; a fic that explores Blair's character, why did she have so much faith in Marucs; Kate's role in the resistance - she's supposed to be the co-leader, but we actually haven't seen a lot of her in the film; I'd love a friendship fic between Kate and Blair, especially in light of Kate's position and Blair's actions.

I also think this is the only fandom I have a caveat for relationships - please no John/Kyle, due to the incest thing. I'd love any fic that explores their relationship both as resistance leader and subordinate, friends, or father and son (and how Kyle would react to hearing who John really is!), but no romance between them, please.

So, that's it. Enough with my waffling. Except to mention once again - optional details are optional, really really. As you saw, I threw a range of character situations and details at you. That's because I really will be happy with any fic in these fandoms, and I think that the best way to make sure I enjoy the fic is that you enjoy writing it. I really think that's the most important bit.
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