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The diary of a Giraffe Hunter
Inconsistent updates from the front
More TDKR ramblings. 
23rd-Sep-2012 12:05 am
I think I'm the easiest person to convert in the world, or: Okay, Nolan completely convinced me about the whole IMAX thing, and he wasn't even trying (well, he wasn't trying me specifically, I suspect he's trying to convince the world in general).

Here's the thing about 3D - it doesn't work too well for me. My glasses have a very high number (like, really high number. I'm pretty much blind without them). So putting on 3D glasses a) annoys me and is uncomfortable like hell, b) gives me headache and c)my eyes/brain/whatever can't catch up with the action when the camera is moving fast so I see half the movie blurry.

IMAX manages to give me the effect that's supposed to come with 3D, without the headache and the blurryness.

Also... it's incredible how easily you see what was shot on IMAX and what was converted. And he's right - what was shot on IMAX simply looks better. The focus is a lot smaller, which makes the whole background unfocused by the bits that are in focus are so incredibly sharp and look so gorgeous. So, TDKR on IMAX - looks gorgeous!!

As for the film... *sigh of relief*. When I rewatched the Avengers I was really disappointed - it doesn't hold up on second viewing. Once you're out of the SHINY!! zone, you realise the scenes are barely connected and it's completely the "and then and then and then" type of storytelling which I just hate so much. TDKR - holds its ground on second viewing. In a way, it's even better. Now that we got the annoying plothole out of the way, I'm not sitting there pissed off about it and how it undermines the entire fucking story they've been telling for 2.5 movies (!!! okay. I'm still a little bit pissed off about that ;) ) and I could enjoy the second half of the film for what it was. I still think the first half is so much better, but I enjoyed the second half much more. And whoa... Bruce/ Selina. ♥ Seriously, the entire film lifts up in every scene they're together. And there aren't enough of those :((((
23rd-Sep-2012 12:01 pm (UTC)
well, he wasn't trying me specifically, I suspect he's trying to convince the world in general).



(That was your intelligent comment for the day. But it was marginally better than me pshaw-ing at your supposed 'lack' of fic for your ship. Possibly.)

Oh, also: I hate 3D, too. I don't want 3D, I want cheaper cinema and to be able to not wear glasses when I go. *hod*
23rd-Sep-2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
You are ever so right. Christopher Nolan is actively trying to convert ME PERSONALLY! ... Well, he succeeded.

(I don't know about the comment. Personally, I thought the fact that we now have "Bruce petted Selina in different levels of sincerity" as a thing going on worth that entire discussion alone! :D)

I am so with you on cheaper cinema. And the stupid glasses EURGH. It's all James Cameron's fault and boy, does he have a LOT to answer for.
24th-Sep-2012 04:04 pm (UTC)
:lol: And then Bruce got fed up with petting Selina insincerely or otherwise and insisted it was his term for some petting?

I shouldn't say that really. We have a little old-fashioned (relatively cheap) independent cinema on the sea-front here. On a pier. In fact, it's so old-fashioned they didn't have to do much to the interior to use it as a location for Atonement. (My town where I live = nearest thing to wartorn Dunkirk.)

James Cameron, then, is NOT out to actively convert you. (More fool him.)
25th-Sep-2012 06:52 am (UTC)
YES! I remember that discussion. I went to fix the Atonement tags at work afterwards ;)

... I think Bruce will be very careful before he allowed Selina to pet him. He might pet her sincerely, but as for Selina petting Bruce... that would end up bad, no matter the level of sincerity! :D

Well, James Cameron might, he's just a foolish fool who fools!
23rd-Sep-2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
I don't like 3D either. It's too gimmicky, and it doesn't do a thing to improve a movie's plot or dialogue or characterization. It just makes the action sequences more action-y, and I don't care much about action sequences. In fact, while I really enjoyed the Avengers movie (although I only watched it once -- thanks for the warning about a rewatch!), there was a point towards the end where I actually started to get bored, because there was nothing happening except a lot of fighting. If it'd been a DVD instead of a movie in a movie theater, I would've used the fast-forward to get to where the movie (i.e., the story) picked up again.

23rd-Sep-2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean about the Avengers - that was one of the thing I noticed on second viewing - they destroy Manhattan for waaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooooo loooooooong and it's just "yeah yeah got it".

And yes - I'm completely with you. 3D is mainly used to distract from the fact that there's no substance in the film. AND it gives me a headache.
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