pitry (pitry) wrote,

Lynch in Palestinian teenagers right at the centre of Jerusalem.

I wish I could say I am surprised. But I'm not. That's the scary bit.

It's this impotent rage, really. Y'know, there's always these ideas about how you can say enough and it will stop, but that's not going to happen. The amount of people who are disgusted by the racism and the violence and the occupation and who care enough to say something is growing smaller by the day. People in supposed positions of power in education either have to stay quiet or get fired, like the head of the citizenship studies in the ministry of education who tried to fight the nationalistic tide there. They're brainwashing the teenagers in school and put much more emphasis on teaching them to be soldiers - and nationalistic, violent soldiers at that, they're harping on Iran Iran Iran 24/7 to distract from everything else, the people who were trying to protest were too scared to point out the connection to politics so yeah, that's shot to hell and now they've been taken over by the people who care more about saying how the ultra orthodox need to serve in the army than figure out how the militaristic approach is killing civilian society and since the rest dare not go political they just go along with it and there is nothing nothing nothing that can be done. Educating doesn't help. Protesting doesn't help. The Supreme Court is already being taken care of by the government. Knowing history doesn't help, if you don't understand it you're bound to repeat it and that's where we're going.
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