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And now for something completely different...

Anyway, to stop my string of whinage about life/syntax/moving/politics/me being silly (delete as applicable) I shall... *drumroll* rec fic!

At first I was like, "but I never rec fic!" Then I realise I actually do - only in Calufrax and not in my journal. Seeing as this is not Doctor Who and I don't know of any comm that's relevant, I think this is the place. I realised that most of my flist couldn't possible care less about HP or TDKR, but a) you lot do like friendship fics, so reccing from hp_friendship could possibly work, esp. as almost all of you have read HP (except for justice_turtle, but he's just weird that way). The Batman recs... well... I feel like it. Y'know, exciting, new film released I actually cared about enough to read & write fic just as everyone's starting to!

Aaaanyway. From hp_friendship

What Always Has Been is a lovely Neville & Ginny-centric fic about how they were friends all throughout Hogwarts (while the Trio continually ignored and underestimated them, cough). It's very real, very sweet, it actually remembers that Ginny was possessed by Voldemort and that it's going to have long time ramifications, and it's just lovely.

Mad Dogs and Scotsman is the tale of how Emmeline Vance helped Moody get over being locked up in his own trunk for 9 months in GoF. Now, I know what you're going to ask: Who the hell is Emmeline Vance. That's the best thing about this fic. Emmeline Vance is one of those throwaway names, she's mentioned about twice in OotP then we're told she was killed in the beginning of HBP. So basically, an OC, and the author managed to write a very real person (and a great fic) in such a short fic (about 2000 words) and really bring life to this character. Also, it's awesome.

The Secret of Black Hall is for lost_spook the Enid Blyton fans out there. Very very Blyton-esque fic about the two canon Squibs (Mrs Figg and Filch) when they were kids during WW2. It also treats a bit how it is being a Squib, which really isn't something that's done often enough.

Within A Morning Star is long. Okay, very long, 15K. It's also all OCs. And it's really worth it. The premise is to look at a bunch of fifth years in Hogwarts during DH, ie what the kids who aren't the Trio and/or the DA are doing during the war. It was gorgeous and very very realistic. It doesn't take shortcuts and it doesn't make excuses and at the same time it doesn't condemn people for being, well, people. Also, it doesn't feel like 15K because it's made of very short segments.

Five People Who Insisted on Being Friends with Severus Snape is just... aaaah! It's canon Snape! As a child! And then he grows up! And it's all in character! And touching and brilliant and very Harry Potter, and yeah, go read it. It's made of 5 segments, each a different relationship with someone in Snape's life, and there are some really cool gems in there (for example, any and all interactions with McGonagall). Did I also mention how IC and canon-y Snape is in this? It's very hard to fine fics about Snape as he is in canon*, so I completely cherish this one.

And lastly from that fest... The Peculiar Resilience of the Refugee is a great Petunia centric fic taking place post DH. Petunia and Dudley can't go back to their old lives, so they ended up living among wizards, in this case Madam Rosmerta from the Three Broomsticks. It does a good redemption job on Petunia and confronts her with some of the unpleasant stuff she did and remains loyal to the character. Hurrah!

*As long as I'm rambling about brilliant touching incredible canon Snape fics, Pasi's Into the Fold. It's loooooooong (seriously. 160k or so. I'm a filthy hypocrite, I can write huuuuuuuge fics like War is Over and Inter Arma, but I rarely read them. This one I read over one weekend and couldn't stop. It's got everything. Really. If you've ever enjoyed Snape, go read this.)

And now for Batman.

The Devil is in the Details by Irony_rocks - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous fic, I'm not sure I have enough words for just how gorgeous it is. Post TDKR, it follows Selina, and then Selina and Bruce as they get together. It completely replicates their chemistry, it's very in character, it has Lex Luthor(!!). After reading this I was forced to admit that apparently, I am a shipper. It's just, y'know, how can you not ship these two.

Thieves. by Orange_crushed - A brilliant fic that follows Selina and John Blake through the five months of Bane-induced occupation, and then there's a bit of Bruce Wayne in the end. It's got Selina's snarkiness, a ship I never saw until I read it (Selina/Blake, which turns out to be awesome), and the author really hits all the right notes.

Echoes of a War by girl_wonder - Another one post TDKR, and this one really mixes well the Batman universe with, well, romantic fluff. Make of it what you will. It's not as fluffy as "romantic fluff" would suggest, of course, or it wouldn't work with Batman, but that's the beauty of this fic - how well it does work.
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